Twins make handmade Thank You cards for first responders

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Twins from Wilton, Iowa are doing their act of kindness during these times.

They started making hand made thank you cards and have been distributing them throughout town, last week they delivery some to a senior center.

“We decided that we wanted to do something for the community and we thought it’d be a great idea just to do something at home while we’re here and we decided to do cards,” said Abby Brown.

This time the twin Abby and Colby Brown made thank you cards for the fire department and delivered them personally.

“We’re really dedicated in what we do and it’s really nice to have the community think about us and recognize us and make the effort to make these cards for us,” said Wanetta Dykema-Sterner, EMS Coordinator.

All of the hand made cards were personally made for each individual.

“We usually start with a thank you or we hope you’re feeling better and sometimes we put drawing, sometimes we put it inspirtational messages it all just depends,” said Colby.

The twins hope to continue making more thank you cards during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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