On Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Department received a tip on a stolen Chevrolet Equinox, at 106 Miller Ave., in East Galesburg. Deputies responded to the address and spoke with the resident who identified Dante Quick as the driver of the vehicle, according to a Thursday release.

While deputies were speaking with the occupants of the house, Quick was observed running from the back door of the residence.

A short time later, Quick attempted to steal another vehicle and then run towards 688 Blaze Road. Quick was seen entering the house through the garage, while the homeowners were outside. Attempts were made to make contact with Quick who refused to exit the residence.

With the permission of the homeowners, deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, a Knox County K-9 Team, and officers from the Galesburg Police Department, entered 688 Blaze Rd., and located Quick hiding in a bedroom closet. Quick was taken into custody without further incident.

Dante Quick (photo: Knox County Sheriff’s Department)

During the course of a follow-up investigation, it was learned that Junior Wallace, who had a No Bond Arrest Warrant for Aggravated Battery/Bodily Harm, was also in the residence at 106 Miller Ave. Knox County Deputies, Galesburg Police, and members from the FBI TOC West Taskforce surrounded the residence and Wallace eventually exited and surrendered without incident.

Dante Quick, 19, of 106 Miller Ave., East Galesburg, was charged with the following: Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Resisting, Criminal Trespass to Residence, and Trespass to Motor Vehicle

Junior Wallace, 23, of 106 Miller Ave., East Galesburg, was charged with FTA Warrant for Aggravated Battery/Bodily Harm.

Junior Wallace (photo: Knox County Sheriff’s Department)

Agencies who were involved in this case include the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, Galesburg Police Department, Knoxville Police Department, Monmouth Police Department, and FBI TOC West Taskforce.