Two Iowa communities coming together to help family in home explosion

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MILES, IA — Every year, the communities of Miles and Preston, Iowa in Jackson County hosts a benefit to raise money for a family or organization that is in need. This year’s event was geared to the local fire departments and the ambulance service in the area.

However, that changed somewhat when a local family’s house unexpectedly exploded leaving Dan Miller at a Iowa City hospital with severe burns. Now, the two towns are coming together Saturday at the Threshing Grounds in Miles to raise money at the 4th Annual Benefit and the majority of the proceeds will go to the Miller family.

Dan Miller sitting with his wife and two daughters. The family home exploded on Friday injuring Dan. His wife and daughters were not home at the time.

“What we do is find people or organization in the community who are in need of money,” Warren Moeller, a committee member, said. “We’ve done cancer victims. Last year, I did a classmate who has MS. We’ve raised up to 50 thousand dollars on the day for helping the people.”

The Miller family is in great need, giving the circumstances. Moeller says that’s the purpose of this event, to be there for others in a time of need.

“Well with the Miller family, in this community, everybody knows everybody. It doesn’t matter if it was the Miller family or what family it was. If there’s a need in the community, everybody is going to try and help. And that was our main goal for why we have the benefit is to help people that are in need,” Moeller said.

The benefit will have a variety of events going on from a tractor pull to a Mud-Bog, Moeller says that’s just what this area is all about, banding together through tough times.

“If somebody has an issue, somebody’s there to help. I mean, in a farming community that’s one thing you can always count on. People are there to help people,” Moeller said.

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