Two people arrested for impersonating police officers

Local News

The Galesburg Police Department have arrested 33-year-old Michael Miller-Boyd and 34-year-old William Wilson for felony impersonation of a police officer.

Police say they received complaints of a dark-colored SUV pulling over cars pretending to be police officers. The suspects pulled over a female driver and one of them said he was going to write her a ticket for speeding. When asked if he was really a police officer, the suspect indicated he was “undercover.” The driver realized the situation was not right and drove off. She then contacted the police.

This was one of several complaints that the Galesburg Police Department has received over the past few months, with a majority of victims being women.

Galesburg police found the vehicle described to them and found Miller-Boyd and Wilson in the car. Police say they had a red and blue flashing light in their vehicle and both admitted to stopping cars pretending to be police. No weapons were found in their possession or in the car.

Miller-Boyd and Wilson were transported to the Knox County Jail and booked on felony charges of impersonation of a police officer. Bond on the offense was later set by a judge.

According to police, Wilson is a registered sex offender in Knox County. His conviction is for aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a 15-year-old victim.

Anyone with any additional information or contact with these two please call the Galesburg Police at 343-9151.

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