Two presidential candidates weigh in on impeachment in QC

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Two Democratic presidential candidates stopped in the Quad Cities today.

The same day Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi indicated Democrats will pursue an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Your local election headquarters caught up with them today.

Senator Bernie Sanders pushed his pro-union agenda at the Duck Creek Park Lodge in Davenport where he featured endorsements from union members.

Senator Sanders stopped by the Local Four News studio this morning before any of that.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg hosted a town hall in Davenport at St. Ambrose University.

About a thousand people showed up for that.

Both candidates responded to the impeachment developments.

“If it turns out that despite the evidence that may be forthcoming, Republicans vote to keep the president in office,” Sanders said, “I would hope that the American people, whether they’re Democrat, Republican, independent, take that into consideration when election time comes around.”

Buttigieg also mentioned the topic at his town hall.

“I think politically, people have made up their minds about this president. But I think, morally, it matters because it matters to send a message that nobody is above the law.”

Sanders says he doesn’t know he would vote on removing the president from office until he sees the evidence at the Senate trial if it happens.

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