UAW members walked off their jobs at John Deere at midnight. Our cameras were there early this morning as those workers grabbed their picket signs. More than ten thousand UAW members nationwide are now on strike. Many of them are here in the Quad Cities.

It’s a strike getting attention at the White House, with thousands of workers off the job in protest of a potential new contract. This past year, John Deere saw its most profitable year, making nearly six billion dollars and employees believe their wages don’t show that. Along with raises, union members wanted to see pensions for new hires.

Local 4 also heard from Deere & Company today. The company said salaried workers are in roles normally handled by the UAW right now, while Deere tries to keep operations going. Deere vice president of labor relations Brad Morris said they will keep working day and night to understand their employees’ priorities and resolve this strike, while also keeping operations running for the benefit of all those served.