Uber drivers become scarce in the Quad Cities

Local News

Finding an Uber ride in the Quad Cities is becoming a challenge. More drivers are switching to food deliveries in response to safety concerns with passengers during the pandemic.

We spoke with one Uber drive that is left in the Quad Cities. He says a lot of mornings he might be the only driver.

“Since Corona some of them have quit and a lot of them have switched over to Uber Eats which means they don’t pick up passengers anymore. No one wants to drive with a passenger in their car.”

Before the pandemic he would be able to stay on one side of the river, but one day last week things got quite crazy.

“I crossed the Centennial Bridge 21 times and the I-74 Bridge 11 times.”

Getting a ride at night has proved to be just as difficult at night as in the morning.

“There have been times where I pick up people at 8:00 at night and they’re like thank you we have been searching for an Uber for an hour and I’m literally the only one out there and then a lot of times when I log off there’s no one on.”

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