Uncertainty over dialysis in Jackson County

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Jackson County Regional Health Center is being replaced after almost 70 years.

Ground broke on a new facility last summer, but a dialysis treatment center is not part of it.

Lenny Gerber, who suffered kidney failure two years ago, was told by staff at the hospital that there were no plans for a dialysis center at the new facility.

He currently does his dialysis treatments at home, but still takes his labs to Makoqueta every month, and says that for those who cant do the treatments at home they’ll have to travel to either Dubuque or even Davenport 3 times a week.

Gerber says that Jackson County should have provided enough money for the new hospital to have a dialysis center.

“For me at home, to do my labs, I take them to Makoqeta to the clinic, so they can get processed or sent out to be processed, now I’ll have to drive to Moline with my labs,” Gerber said. “I kinda think they’re letting down the taxpayer myself. You got these people that are dependent on this that are now not only are they gonna have to be transported further, which is an extra cost. I think it’s kinda unnecessary when we’rebuilding a brand new hospital and we could’ve had it right there.”

We found out about this story close to the end of Jackson County’s office hours, so we were unable to hear back from them.

We also spoke with Genesis Healthcare spokesman Craig Cooper. He told me that the current dialysis center in Makoqueta is a venture by Fresinius, whom we also reached out to but have not heard back from.

We will update this story with responses from Fresinius and Jackson County as soon as they respond.

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