Union of jail staffers calls for replacement of Muscatine County Jail Administrator for ‘bigoted’ statements

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Members of the union representing Muscatine County Jail Staff have taken a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Jail Administrator Dean Naylor, and the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Administration. The union’s statement went on to call for Naylor to be removed from his position as Jail Administrator by Sheriff C.J. Ryan. Naylor was placed on administrative leave Thursday pending an internal investigation.

Teamsters Local 239, representing the Correction Officers of the Muscatine County Jail, say they’ve been made aware of “bigoted, homophobic, and Islamophobic statements” made by Naylor. Earlier this month old YouTube videos posted by Naylor and a written article that appears to be authored by Naylor resurfaced (a link to his posts are provided below) and were criticized for their controversial positions. The posts date back to 2013 with the latest post coming five years ago.

Local 4’s Digital Reporter Jarek Andrzejewski went through portions of the roughly three hours of footage on Naylor’s YouTube Channel, as well as reading the online document. He found Naylor say/write the following phrases:

“Muslims also do not have any use for Christians.”

“They will attack and kill any ‘infidel’. An ‘infidel’ is anyone who does not believe in Islam or in other words worship ‘Satan’. This includes both Christians and Jews.”

“We need to start preparing for war. Spiritual war and physical war.”

His YouTube videos all focus on the idea of a rapture. According to Naylor’s videos, it will take place by 2023. He says, “The beast is coming. Believe it or not he’s coming. Our time is coming to its end.” When you cross reference that with the online document, he states that “the beast” will be Muslim.

The Islamic faith was not the only group that Naylor mentioned in the article. He called the approval of gay marriage an “abomination” and claims it has caused “great harm to our nation.”

“Hatred and bigotry of this type will not be tolerated by Teamsters 238, ” said a statement released by Teamsters Local 239. “The Muscatine County jailers deserve better leadership and are clear in their position that Captain Naylor’s statements are not representative of their beliefs or work ethics. We believe this behavior reflects poorly on the Muscatine community, and if not corrected or acted upon reflects a morally complicit position of Sheriff C.J. Ryan.”

Local 4 News reached out to Sheriff C.J. Ryan for comment, but could only tell us Naylor was on administrative leave and an internal investigation is taking place. He was unable to comment further, so it’s unknown if Naylor’s administrative leave is connected to these online posts.

You can find Naylor’s YouTube Channel here.

You can find the article that appears to be authored by Naylor here.

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