A striking worker we’ll call “Ana” wants to remain anonymous. She also wants us to know why she and her fellow union members walked out. She says workers felt they were overworked during the pandemic.

“We have been working increased hours throughout this whole COVID-19 pandemic, and we have been working these increased hours,” Ana said. “We spend so much time away from our families.” That’s when “you’re working six days a week, and my family is all an hour away from me.”

She also voted no on the agreement because future employees would not have the same pensions as past employees, she said.

Ana and other union workers will receive strike pay as long as they show up for their picket times.

“Yes, we will get strike pay if we show up on our assigned day at the picket line,” she said. “That’s a couple hundred dollars. It’s not anything too crazy – like, “Oh, we can survive off this,” Ana said.

Since they’re not working at the moment, many union workers still may look for part-time jobs, she said.