United Township High School ‘hometown hero’ faces hard hit

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Lamont Hill graduated from United Township a few months ago.

He was playing for Eureka College two weeks ago when he got hurt.

Paramedics took him to Peoria for emergency surgery.

Doctors confirmed he had two mini strokes that caused him to lose mobility on his right side.

Now, United Township employees and students are raising money for the family.

“He had to have brain surgery, so right then, I lost it … because this is my baby,” said mother, Tiffany Talbot.

Lamont Hill Junior is now in a hospital.

“He can’t communicate or nothing,” said Talbot, who remains mostly by his side in the days following the hit during a Eureka College football game two weeks ago.

“He had a couple mini strokes when the kid hit him, and he fell to the ground,” said Talbot.

A risk any football player takes when they step onto the field.

“And he cannot move his right side,” said Talbot. “His whole right side is … I don’t want to say ‘paralyzed’ … I don’t want to say that against my son, but he can’t move it.”

Lamont starred at United Township last season.

“We love you … we’re thinking about you … we’re praying for you,” said the high school’s head football coach, Nick Welch. “Him and his relationship with his teammates was very strong. That was a very special senior group that we had that graduated this past spring. Not only in their impact on the football program, but their impact on the school, and just an outstanding group of kids and Lemont was a big part of that.”

His school will try to have an impact on his recovery — both spiritually and financially.

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