United Way Quad Cities announced Angela Snyder as Chief Strategy Officer. The position was recently developed, and Snyder has more than fifteen years of experience in strategic growth and operations, business development, marketing and talent cultivation.

Previously, Snyder served in multiple strategic and business development roles at Russell Construction. She said her leadership roles with several multi-year planning processes prepared her for her new position at United Way.

Angela Snyder, Chief Strategy Officer, United Way Quad Cities

“As a long-term resident of this region who has lived, worked and studied in many different environments, I’m sensitive to the issues facing our community,” Snyder said. “United Way Quad Cities’ ability to mobilize people and resources make it a powerhouse to create lasting and measurable change in our community. I’m looking forward to joining this top-notch team to lead and develop first in class experiences for our donors and stakeholders while building the kind of awareness that inspires others to discover that our United Way is the best and easiest place to help people and make a difference.”

Snyder also has a long history of community service. She serves on Augustana College’s President’s Advisory Council. Past volunteer experiences includes serving Family Resources’ board of directors and marketing and development committee, on the American Red Cross’ board of directors and on United Way Quad Cities’ investment panel as well as a volunteer during Day of Caring.

United Way Quad Cities is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance equity and improve education, income and health outcomes in the QCA.