Universities in Iowa are suspending classroom instruction for two weeks following Spring Break

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The University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa are suspending classroom instruction for two weeks following Spring break.

Students the University of Iowa already started taking their own safety steps on campus before the announcement was made.

Crystal Velazquez is an undergrad student and said she has some concerns in regards to classes being held online.

“For me for example I have labs and they really didn’t address how we would be taking those labs or will they be eliminated they didn’t really address it,” said Velazquez “They really haven’t addressed how people who have on campus jobs, like are they going to stop the jobs are people still going to be coming into work, are resident halls going to close they really didn’t address that.”

Graduate student Zhua Tan said that some of his classes already offer recordings online.

“Doesn’t really affect me that much maybe group presentations could be a bit trickier but I mean with the virus going on its safer to keep,” said Tan.

As for Velazquez she’s doing her part to stay healthy.

“I bought disinfecting wipes and bring them to class and wipe the desk down but I can only do so much without looking so weird trying to wipe everything down cause not everyone is doing it,” said Velazquez.

Online classs will run from March 23 to at least April 3.

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