Unpredictable weather making flood clean up hard

Local News

MOLINE, Illinois – “It has to get done sooner or later– mother nature is that one that controls it, ” says Lieutenant Jim Schaumburg of the Moline Fire Department.

Its a relieving sight on river drive, most of it freed from flood waters. Now its about facing what the waters left behind.”Anytime the river comes up and the parking lot is dirty, we come out and wash them off,” says the Lieutenant. 

The Moline Fire Department has been at it all morning, rotating crews every two hours.
They’re water pressure knocking down all that nasty dirt. They were making progress last week until mother nature hit us again.”When the river receded and then it flooded again so it kind of wiped out everything we did.”  Schaumburg of the Moline Fire Department says its all a team effort with Moline Public Works.

“We’ve been working together. They have the street cleaners doing a lot of work also. They have unloaders coming down scrapping up the huge majority of the mud that we can spray with the water hose. We have the longer hoses and the equipment to do it.” 

They’re hoping that with the projected rainfall will help wash down all the excess mud.
With the unpredictable weather, Lieutenant Schaumburg says he doesn’t know when exactly the cleanup will conclude.
In the meantime, he does want to remind drivers to be considerate and aware. 

“If you see us down here washing down the streets in the parking lots, just be courteous, watch out for the hoses and be safe when you’re driving around us.”

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