Sidney Johnston was 47 when he vanished from Davenport after a mysterious man and woman had visited his home multiple times.  

Also vanished? Thousands of dollars from his bank account … along with his car.  

Sidney was reported missing to Davenport Police on Jan. 22, 1990. His description at the time: He was a 6-foot-2-inch man weighing about 180 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.  

Sidney Johnston (contributed photo.)

Debbie Crisci, Sid’s niece, remembers going to her Uncle Sid’s house after he had been absent from work.  

“I started looking around and started noticing things that were just not right,” she said. 

The house was probably a little messier – he was a bachelor – so everything wasn’t going to be neat and picked up all the time, she said.  Still, “It was off. Everything was just kind of messy.”  

When Deb saw bills that weren’t paid, and delinquent notices, “Then I knew something was way off here,” she said.  

She called her other uncles and they alerted the police. “This isn’t somebody that just left for a week or something. Something is wrong,” she said.  

“I had no idea. It just wasn’t him. The delinquent bills ..and then finding his checkbook and realizing money had disappeared over the last few months … large amounts he had taken out of the bank, hundreds, almost on a daily basis,” she said. “In a very short period of time, $30,000 was gone.” 

“It was tough because we’re trained to work with the police and we’re hoping they’re going to find them. Then when they didn’t find his car either … it was tough. No one wants to believe that people just disappear.”  

Sid’s maroon 1984 Ford Thunderbird was missing, too. It never has been recovered.  

Deb says her Uncle Sid was a creature of habit.  

“He was very structured. He went to work, he came home, he had things he did. He was a runner. He did a lot of yard work. He was outside a lot.”  

Except something new appeared to come into Sid’s life in the late summer of 1989.  

That’s when witnesses say they saw a young man and woman visit Johnston’s home every week. Sometimes, neighbors heard shouting the two were at Sid’s house.  

Sid, a U. S. Navy veteran, was a machine operator at Case IH in East Moline. A supervisor said he had received some emergency phone calls at work before he vanished.  

Police questioned both the man and the woman who had visited Sid. Both passed a polygraph test, and neither was charged in connection with Sid’s disappearance.  

“He didn’t miss work. He was there all the time,” Debbie told Local 4 News. 

The last time she saw her Uncle Sid was Thanksgiving of 1989. Sid seemed kind of tired, but, then again, they had enjoyed a big meal. 

Around Christmas time 1989, Sid asked one of his brothers for money – an unusual turn of events, because it generally was Sid who helped out others financially. He didn’t want to say what the money was for. 

“I truly think that someone had something to do with this. Someone did something to him,” Debbie said.  

“Somebody out there has to know something,” she said. “There were people that were stopping by that had something to do with some of the money disappearing.”  

If you have a tip, or even a memory that might help police bring Sid Johnston’s family some peace, please call Davenport Police at 563-326-7979.