Vax Verify gives individuals on-the-go access to their vaccination information

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The COVID-19 pandemic has continuously put great pressure on local health departments across the country and in the Quad Cities. On top of their day to day tasks, public health officials have noticed an increase in individuals losing vaccination cards, visiting the department asking for replacements.

As these cards become increasingly important, with more and more businesses and employers enforcing vaccination requirements, the Illinois Department of Public Health launched Vax Verify — a virtual portal for individuals to access their vaccination records on the go.

The department emphasizes the importance of privacy implemented within the interface, ensuring information is secure. The system uses two factor authentication.

The portal additionally hopes to promote transparency and integrity when it comes to vaccination verification. A Rock Island County Health Department spokesperson explains how this cyber-verification checkpoint differs from the cards, “Cards, unfortunately, are easy to fake, but this online portal is not.” Chief Operating Officer Janet Hill explained.

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