* We warn you, this audio and video may be disturbing.*

Two police officers and a deputy didn’t do anything wrong when they killed a man in a shootout earlier this month in Burlington, Iowa.

That conclusion today from an independent investigation.

Local 4 News obtained the video from that night.

Iowa’s assistant attorney general determined the two Burlington police officers and a Des Moines County deputy were justified when they used deadly force overnight on September 11th.

The officers got a call about gunshots.

A woman said her ex-boyfriend fired several shots near the home where she was staying.

Officers got the initial call around 12:50 in the morning.

Less than 10 minutes later an officer and a deputy spotted Caleb Peterson’s car and tried to stop him.

Body and dash camera video Local 4 News obtained from six different officers paints a picture of what happened that deadly night.

The footage shows that when officers tried to stop Peterson, he takes aim at them.

“He’s got a gun!” one officer shouts.

Iowa’s assistant attorney general says Peterson ignored his father, who had been in the passenger seat, and law enforcement and ran away.

A few minutes later, you can hear the shots in the video.

Investigators say Peterson fired at least three times at officers.

No one was hurt.

A Burlington officer gives Peterson an order…

“Drop your gun! Drop your gun!” the officer shouts five times.

Investigators say Peterson then took aim at the officers again.

That’s when two of them opened fire.

“Shots fired. He’s running eastbound,” one of them says.

Peterson once again gets away from officers.

He fired at least three more times at a Des Moines County deputy, who returned fire.

Finally, a Burlington officer catches up with Peterson.

A roughly 10-minute chase then ends in one deadly shot.

“Suspect down,” an officer says.

Investigators say Peterson was killed by a single bullet that passed through his body.

Officers say they found Peterson’s gun next to him at the scene.

“Show me your hands!” an officer shouts as he approaches Peterson on the ground.

Iowa’s assistant attorney general who investigated the case says law enforcement officers did not fire any shots until Caleb Peterson did.

That turned the chase into an active shooter situation.

He says Peterson left officers no choice but to use deadly force and that the officers should not face any charges.