Village of Hampton to dedicate 3rd Avenue in honor of Terry Engle

Local News

The Village of Hampton is still mourning the loss of Police Chief, Terry Engle. He became an icon in the the Hampton Community. When he passed away in the line of duty, it hit the community hard. Village Trustee, Matt King says he Village of Hampton wanted to find a way to honor him so last week the village approved to dedicate 3rd Avenue to him.

“We had discussed quite a few streets, but we felt that Third Avenue, between Fourth and Fifth Street in front of the school is most appropriate.” Said King. “You could set your clock to see Chief Engle pull up to the end of the parking lot every single morning as the kids played before and after school.”

In addition to having a street named after him, the Village of Hampton will also be giving him a memorial. Engle went out of his way to try to get to know all of the residents in Hampton, including the students. The Superintendent of Hampton schools, Scott McKissick says that Engle was very involved with the students.

“Terry was a very important part of our school community.” Said McKissick. “He patrolled in the area in the mornings before school and was generally here in the afternoons after school as well just making sure the kids were safe, making sure traffic flowed appropriately, and people were following directions and doing what was asked of them.”

Engle would park his squad care near the playground every day before and after school to make sure the kids made it inside safely.

“He was available at all hours if we had questions or concerns and he’ll be sorely missed.”

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