Viral daycare video receives backlash: Woman who recorded it speaks out

Local News

A daycare facility in Davenport is under scrutiny for some questionable behavior by one of its workers.

A video making the rounds on social media shows a startling moment between a local daycare provider, and a baby.

The video has more than 8,000 views. It shoes a daycare provider at Creative Beginnings childcare showing what people consider to be aggressive behavior toward the baby.

Maddison Behnke is a former employee of the daycare, she says she recorded the video five days ago.

She says she left the daycare after a month because of the way children were being treated there.

Behnke says, ” I knew if I just said something and didn’t get proof nothing was going to be done. I’m also getting a lot of backlash about why didn’t you say something to her in that video. Why you didn’t do this, but I knew what the state needed and I knew by being the bigger person it was going to get me else where.”

Behnke says she contacted Iowa’s Department of Human Services, which led to a police report filed about the incident.

Local 4 contacted the daycare, managers say they’ll have to contact their lawyer before making any comments.

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