Viral Tik Tok vandalism and theft challenge continues in schools around the Quad Cities

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Students across the country and in the Quad Cities are still taking part in the viral ‘devious licks’ challenge. It’s a trend on the app Tik Tok that encourages vandalism and theft in schools.

It happened most recently at Colona Grade School and Moline High School, where soap dispensers were destroyed or stolen.

Carl Johnson, Colona School District Superintendent, said in a statement on Tuesday that any students who participate in the viral vandalism challenge in the future will be met with, “… monetary restitution, school sponsored discipline and may include police involvement.” Superintendent Johnson also reminded everyone in his message that teachers and principals are already going to, “… extraordinary lengths to keep students in session during a pandemic.”

Furthermore, a spokesperson from the Moline-Coal Valley School District said today that numerous students at Moline High School have vandalized the school bathrooms, including one most recently on Wednesday. The spokesperson said those students are, “being managed with normal disciplinary protocols.”

Tik Tok started banning any ‘devious lick’ video postings last week, but for now, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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