QC Restaurant Week will be held March 21-27, 2022 — your chance to expand your taste buds by trying new dishes and drinks from participating businesses.

“Small businesses are a key part of the Quad Cities region, and our QC identity includes our local restaurants to help set us apart from other destinations,” says a Tuesday release from Visit Quad Cities. “The restaurant industry is still fighting a hard battle and we can continue to eat locally to support our vibrant culinary community.”

This year, Visit Quad Cities wants to recognize and honor some of those in the local restaurant industry who go above and beyond to make experiences special and who bring customer-centric energy to work with them. The destination marketing group seeks nominations from the public through an easy online form at www.qcrestaurantweek.com, you can fill out through March 22, 2022.

This year’s QC Restaurant Week will be March 21-27.

Visit Quad Cities will then select several nominees who demonstrate exemplary customer service to be recognized during QC Restaurant Week.

“Restaurants are vitally important to our regional destination’s authenticity and experience,” said Dave Herrell, President/CEO of Visit Quad Cities. “We need our local restaurants to survive and thrive, and the last two years have been extremely tough on this industry.

Dave Herrell is president/CEO of Visit Quad Cities.

“Small businesses and restaurants are the backbone of our community and represent a significant number of hospitality jobs,” he said. “QC Restaurant Week is a time where we can rally around them and celebrate our culinary scene in a fun and unique way. We strongly encourage Quad Citizens to get out there and either try something new or hit up that place you haven’t experienced in a while. And when you do, let the staff know how much you appreciate them and value what they are doing.”

Restaurant participation is free of charge, and there are no special price points or prix-fixe menu requirements.  The deadline for restaurants to register is March 11th. All of the details and online registration is available on the QC Restaurant Week website at www.qcrestaurantweek.com.

  The opportunity is available for all restaurants including dine-in, delivery, and carryout. 

Visit Quad Cities encourages food lovers to explore www.qcrestaurantweek.com and to keep checking back as new restaurants will be added.  In addition to supporting local restaurants, Quad Citizens have a chance to win local restaurant gift cards.

Individuals who purchase a meal from one of the QC Restaurant Week restaurants between March 21-27 can fill out the entry form on the website with a picture of their receipt, photo of themselves at the restaurant, or posing with their carryout meal for a chance to win.

Follow Visit Quad Cities on social media for updates on QC Restaurant Week, restaurant gift card giveaways, and other happenings @QuadCities on Facebook, and @VisitQuadCities on Instagram and Twitter. Post about your QC Restaurant Week meals using #QCRestaurantWeek.