Visit Quad Cities strongly supports furthering the conversation on the Bison Bridge concept, according to a news release sent Wednesday evening by Dave Herrell, president and CEO of Visit Quad Cities.

The release was sent in response to an Interstate 80 Mississippi River Bridge public meeting on Wednesday.

“To build a destination that is compelling, creates visibility for your brand, and generates tourism demand is squarely on the minds of every community and state around the country. To compete for increases in visitation and identity, we feel the Bison Bridge will help us achieve numerous goals, with the leading one activating our global asset—the world-renowned Mississippi River,” the release says.

“Within our Tourism Master Plan, there are several recommendations that this idea connects with on a meaningful level. It’s our expectation that if we all desire a destination that attracts people and shapes resident pride, enhances quality of life and place for residents, and differentiates the QC we must have these discussions with our partners in the State of Illinois and the State of Iowa.”

“Big ideas like this and bringing them to life is not easy, and they take some political and civic will to move them forward. Most importantly, big ideas are what make communities stand out from the competition, and make no secret, we are in a battle for visitors, talent, and investment,” he continued.

“We feel it would be a missed opportunity not to explore this concept fully and transparently, and we will continue to advocate for meaningful dialogue about it. This is about the Quad Cities of the future, our story, and the legacy that we all want to create for generations.”

About Visit Quad Cities

Founded in 1990, Visit Quad Cities (formerly, the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau), was formed when the Davenport and Bettendorf Visitor Bureaus and Illinois Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau merged to become simply, Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau. Visit Quad Cities is the official Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) for the region. It is guided by its values of People, Partnerships and Personality. The Quad Cities regional destination is a bi-state (Iowa/Illinois) family of communities in Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa.

Its mission

Visit Quad Cities enhances the region’s quality of life and creates economic development opportunities through tourism to inspire and build our Mississippi River regional destination.