VNA Community Services in Galesburg receives a $20,000 grant for its Home Delivered Meals program

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VNA in Galesburg, a nonprofit organization that offers services for the elderly has been rewarded with a $20,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

The money will help its Home Delivered Meals program, it’s a service that provides meals to seniors in the community who need them.

Dorothy Lindquist is relatively new to the Home Delivered Meals program but she’s already seen its value first hand.

“Everything you order is right there in the box its so complete even they have down to butter and rolls I mean everything is in there,” said Lindquist.

The program has something for everyone.

“They’re very generous servings I mean I can’t eat all of it at once whatever is left I have for lunch the next day,” said Lindquist.

Program Director Michael Bennett said they’ve helped more seniors in 2020 compared to 2019 and a lot of it has to do with the higher need during the pandemic.

Luckily the grant will help the VNA.

“We have gone from a 60 participant list pre-pandemic to actually over 200 we are currently fluctuating at about 175 and up and down every single day,” said Bennett. “You will actually never be turned away from our Home Delivered Meals program if you cannot afford to pay but it is a donation based service.”

The VNA is always fundraising to help the Knox County senior community.

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