Volunteers clean up downtown Davenport ahead of anticipated busy summer season

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The Mississippi River is one of the most beautiful features of the Quad Cities.

That’s why over a hundred people came out Saturday to give it a refresh and clean up the banks.

Volunteers picked up trash — stretching from Lindsay Park to Credit Island.

The event was a much bigger hit than the City anticipated, and it was a big help before summer activities return to the area.

One volunteer said she’s looking forward to coming back to the riverfront.

“I’m more than ready. More than ready,” she said. “I love the outdoor events.”

Hundreds of people came out to LeClaire Park to give the riverfront a much-needed facelift before the busy season.

A second volunteer said, between flooding and the pandemic, the riverfront hasn’t been as easily accessible.

“After 2019 with record flooding here, and then last year with the pandemic … it just has felt like we haven’t been able to have our own riverfront for a couple years,” he said.

It’s not glamorous work, but a third volunteer believes its her responsibility to give back to the community.

“That’s part of our job as stewards of the earth — to keep it clean,” she said. “The river, the streets and everything. We just enjoy coming out and picking up trash.”

A fourth volunteer said there was a lot of “normal trash,” causing her bags to fill up right away.

“They’ve already traded out our bags,” she said.

The event brought out people of all ages, including a younger volunteer who expressed the importance of giving Davenport’s downtown a facelift.

“Everybody should want to have a clean community and not have trash everywhere,” she said.

For many, the riverfront is a huge source of pride.

“It’s amazing. I use the bike path on both sides of the river all the time,” said the fourth volunteer. “We’re very lucky to live in this area and have the resources that we have.”

The hope is that these piles will get smaller over time.

“People just are careless,” she added. “You just need to take it with you instead of letting it fly.”

A fifth volunteer suggests picking up trash when you see it.

“If something is beneath you, pick it up,” he said.

After a tough day of work, the focus is now on summer fun.

Volunteers say they’re excited about events coming back to downtown Davenport.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said the third volunteer.

This is the second of many events Xstream Cleanup says they have planned for the future. The first one kicked off earlier this month in Bettendorf.

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