Volunteers go the extra mile by delivering food to those in need

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Heart of Hope in Rock Island may be closed for visitors, but they aren’t stopping serving people.

“Donations are what keeps our doors open and so without that, we can’t do what we’re doing,” said Lynda Sargent, Heart of Hope founder.

Mike Osborn co-owns three restaurants around the area. He found a way to give back to the community while their restaurants are closed – by donating fresh produce.

“Everybody you know is in need of something right now and so we thought, you know, this is our opportunity to help,” Osborn said.

Volunteers are going the extra mile by driving around the Quad Cities delivering food and toiletries to the elderly and disabled.

“It just breaks my heart you know to see what’s going on, but just taking food to people and everything, it’s just a joy,” said Orlando Pratt, a volunteer.

“I feel like this should be like this every day,” said Myrin Morrow, a volunteer. “Like everybody should get help regardless of the situation we’re in, but because of this I feel like it’s more important for us to stick together and to do things cohesively just because nobody wants to be sick but nobody can also go outside so like the fact that you can’t, we’ll come to you, I like that.”

Acts like this make a difference for people in need.

“Very grateful, very grateful and that’s you know what keeps you doing it is you see the need and you meet it and then you see how grateful they are to receive that food,” Sargent said.

You can sign up for the delivery service by calling Heart of Hope at 309-428-4752.

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