A vote of no confidence came Tuesday night against the Silvis Mayor Matt Carter.

Trouble’s been brewing for months between the mayor and some members of city council.

This was largely a symbolic vote. A jam-packed room for the Silvis City Council meeting — a special meeting Carter chose to not be a part of was tabled.

First Ward Alderman Tony Trulson, Third Ward Alderman Rick Lohse and Fourth Ward Alderman Josh Dyer are the three who called for no confidence in Carter.

The mayor says this vote came about after he appointed a new city attorney.

The temp city attorney tried to explain why the special meeting was illegal, which was then interrupted by Dyer.

He stated he objected to the city attorney being at the meeting because of conflicts of interests.

Mark Daniel, the mayor’s lawyer, was the first to speak and vouch for Carter, which was then followed by residents in attendance. They all at different points expressed how they support the mayor.

“When I showed up it was Tony Trulson, Rick Lohse and two attorneys,” said Silvis Mayor Matt Carter. “And I stand behind the chair and I asked, ‘Is this an illegal meeting? And the labor attorney looked around and said there’s no quorum. No, sit down.’ And that’s when I knew we had some real serious legal problems in Silvis.”

The next special meeting — called by the mayor this time — will be Wednesday at 6 p.m.