Warmer winter weather hurting snow plow drivers

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Warmer winter weather isn’t making everyone happy.

“I think everybody in the plow business is hoping for snow,” said Wesley Nutt, Quad City Spring owner.

Without that, it’s hard for snow plow drivers to do their job.

“Most people have got their equipment ready to go and now they’re waiting to use it,” Nutt said.

A snowfall in October started the season off early.

“This year’s been a little unusual in that we had the Halloween snowfall,” he said. “That very early snowfall that was heavy enough that actually you had to go out and plow and do things kind of threw a wrench in to things because of the demand for plows came on all of a sudden.”

But recently, the dry weather has put drivers at a stand still.

“There’s not been a lot of available time to go out and push snow because there just hasn’t been any.”

For now, it’s a waiting game with the weather.

“If we get snow and everything seems to be more of a normal winter where we get snow on a regular basis, I think if they were thinking about getting a plow this year, they might consider it again next year.”

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