The city of East Moline on Wednesday reminded area residents to be safe and not to purchase or use illegal fireworks on or around Independence Day.

Anytime illegal fireworks are discharged, they pose a potential risk of fire and significant injury risk, according to a city release. In addition to these hazards, the loud noises, and flashing lights scare pets and the explosions can be harmful to citizens that suffer from post-traumatic stress.

In recent years, the use of illegal fireworks has increased and caused significant issues to include damage to property, litter, and more seriously, fires, the city said. With the celebration of Independence Day approaching, East Moline would like to remind all residents and visitors that only safe and sane fireworks may be used throughout the city

Examples of these include sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs, and snaps. Examples of illegal fireworks include skyrockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, mortars, M-100’s, M-80’s, cherry bombs, firecrackers, and helicopters. The use of these types of fireworks without a permit is illegal.

The use of illegal fireworks is not only dangerous, but also a nuisance to residents of the community, the release said. To help make this year’s Independence Day celebration enjoyable for all, the city of East Moline asks all residents to follow the city ordinances and refrain from using illegal fireworks.

Violation of the city ordinance in using or possessing illegal fireworks is up to a $500 fine and enforcement will be a priority this year, the city said.