WATCH: Chaos erupts during East Galesburg town hall meeting

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Village of East Galesburg board members argue during Tuesday evening’s committee board meeting.

Tempers flared Tuesday evening during the Village of East Galesburg’s committee board meeting.

Tension rose between Interim Mayor Darrell Corbin and board members as various city issues were discussed. The main topics included finance and finding a bid to cut down three trees at a park.

Not much progress was made at that meeting, as board members did not see eye-to-eye on many topics.

Due to a board member being ill, all items on February’s agenda were covered with the exception of the following related to police and fire: lock changes for the police department, sale of a black police car and the future of the police department and fire chief.

During the first 10 minutes of the meeting, Knox County Sheriff David Clague briefly expressed concern about these issues before Corbin declared they continue the discussion in private at a later date, when the media wasn’t present.

When the town hall concluded, further chaos between the interim mayor, board members and residents ensued. An argument broke out between the husband of Board Member Connie Miyler and another East Galesburg resident. Miyler’s husband then approached the Local 4 News Crew, throwing verbal jabs.

East Galesburg Trustee Debra Cassens dialed 911 and, within 10 minutes, two Knox County deputies arrived at the scene to break up the quarrel.

Local 4’s Ryan Risky spoke with Cassens on Wednesday to get more details as to why she resorted to contacting the police.

“You guys should not have had to deal with that. Nobody has the right to be getting into anybody’s face for anything, as far as I’m concerned,” said Cassens. “I was not going to stand there and let it happen.”

The Village of East Galesburg plans to continue their tabled discussion of police and fire items during next month’s meeting.

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