Ways to protect your pets during Fourth of July fireworks

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The loud noise from fireworks can cause some dogs to run if they get scared.

Local animal shelters want to remind pet owners to try and keep nervous animals calm during the 4th of July weekend.

Taking four-legged friends to fireworks shows is not something Chris McGinnis, the director of the Muscatine Humane Society recommends.

“Dog’s hearing is so much more sensitive than ours they don’t enjoy that so don’t take your dog to the fireworks,” said McGinnis. “Normally cats aren’t really affected by all the noise phobia and the storms but many many dogs are.”

This is the time of year when shelters see dogs run away because of the loud celebrations.

King’s Harvest Animal Shelter is finding a way to keep dogs safe this weekend.

Gabrielle Weeks is the head vet tech at the shelters and said for the past 2 years they’ve been having volunteers go in and stay with their dogs and cats until the fireworks are done.

“We have a lot of them down there that are afraid of fireworks, loud noises we have them on special medication to kind of calm their nerves during the fireworks,” said Weeks.

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