‘We just feel it’s too soon’: Some QC Iowa bars are in no hurry to drop COVID-19 precautions

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Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds Wednesday addressed criticism she’s received since lifting Iowa’s mask mandate, and other mitigations over the weekend. 

“We know what we need to do and a governor mandate doesn’t need to require it. Prior to November, we didn’t have a mask requirement. But most Iowans wore masks. And I’m confident they’ll continue to do so. And I’m confident business owners will continue to make decisions about how they operate that are in the best interest of their customers and their employees,” says Reynolds. 

The Governor has given restaurants the choice to apply their own rules, and it seems many in our area aren’t ready to ease up on restrictions just yet. 

Local 4 News spoke to a few restaurants here locally about the new proclamation. 

They say you will still be required to wear a mask, and keep groups limited.

They say their priority is to continue to keep employees and customers safe. 

“All of the staff here they are going to continue to wear their face masks. We’re going to keep all the sanitary protocols that we already have in place,” says Michelle Buckles, General Manager of Maid-Rite in Davenport.

Despite Friday’s announcement, Buckles says those rules won’t be changing. 

“Me personally I feel it is too soon. The owner also wants the staff to wear the masks. We just feel it’s too soon.”

Customer Jerry Geisler says he is in favor of the proclamation. 

“I’m glad the Governor lifted them. I wish we had her in Illinois instead of the Governor we got,” says Geisler. “I’ll be honest with you because he’s hurt a lot of businesses.”

Over Mickey’s Country Café, customers won’t see a change in precautions. 

“We respect Governor’s Reynolds decision on that, however we feel safer for our customers to just stay where we’re at right now,” says Mickey Kosgard, Owner of Mickey Country Café.

She says the restaurant will remain at 50% capacity, and masks will still be required. 

Kosgard says, “We have a lot of elderly people who come in, and not only do we want to protect them and our staff we also want them to feel comfortable.”

Comfortable for customers like Marian Nylin. 

“I personally feel that she should have kept the restrictions in place longer to give the time for more people to be vaccinated,” she says.

Nylin says she plans to only follow the restaurants that have decided to keep restrictions in place. 

“It’s definitely a safe space, and at our age that’s what we’re looking for when we go out to dine,” says Nylin. 

Managers, and owners at both restaurants say they have received positive reaction from the community. 

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