‘We were shocked.’ Witness describes fatal shooting scene Sunday

Local News

The intersection of Nevada Avenue and Lombard Street was blocked for several hours Sunday as Davenport police investigated a fatal shooting scene.

A neighbor who wants to remain anonymous was home when the incident happened. He tells Local 4 News what he witnessed Sunday afternoon.

“We were just at home in the living room,”” he said. “We see two squad cars go by at the same time, which is unusual for the area. We stepped out and see the police presence up the street, a couple fire trucks and an ambulance.”

He went on to say officers were still patrolling the area after the scene was clear.

“A major group of them were probably here for about an hour and then there were detectives, crime scene unit for about several hours afterwards,”” he said.

He says he and his neighbors couldn’t believe what had happened in their typically quiet neighborhood.

“We were shocked,” he said. “I mean we heard from the detective that someone had gone with life threatening injuries. We really didn’t know the people up there. It’s a pretty quite neighborhood – everyone is working class. Nobody really sees anybody.”

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