Wedding photographer gives couples a unique picture experience … with film

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Even in the digital age, film photography continues to make its comeback during the pandemic.

A few weeks ago, Local 4 News showed you how a pair of local film photography businesses are adjusting and showing a digital generation the beauty of an old-school approach.

They say there’s been growing interest among younger people especially.

Film is back and is making a resurgence. The digital age has made things more convenient for photographers, but film has offered a more unique experience.

Matt Umland’s is a wedding photographer who has gotten into using film. He says that it has been one way for him to separate himself from the rest of his competitors.

“I got into film because I shoot like a roll per wedding, so I give that back to my clients and I can say here’s something different. I couldn’t see these right when I took them, but it allows me to give them something that’s like, ‘Wow, this is really cool,’” Umland said. “And then I shoot it on all my travel trips to be able to document things. Just more in real time.”

Umland enjoys shooting on both film and digital, and he says there are key differences that set the two apart.

​”When you shoot on film you don’t get your images back until you get them developed so that could be a couple days or couple weeks,” he said. “So with digital you can shoot away with an SD card just like this and you get your images right away.”

“With this I love it because one, they are a lot lighter and two, you can’t just shoot in automatic mode and expect to see your images through the viewfinder. This is you don’t know what your gonna see until you get them back.”

With film, you have to fully plan the shot ahead of time instead of rapidly taking photos. That’s one of the things that Umland enjoys most about shooting with film.

He puts careful planning into each shot.

“Okay, what’s my ISO? You have to do that on digital too, but this just takes so much time,” he said. “It’s a manual focus lens so it’s not just like hold the shutter button and it focuses for you, you have to focus each shot.”

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