Castlewood Apartments in Davenport has had at least two gunfire calls to police in the past month.          

A concerned Davenport Mayor Mike Matson addressed that and general public-safety concerns at his 2022 state of the city address.

“Walk your dog, run your business or go to school…whatever it is you do, you should be able to do safely,” says Matson.

Public safety was one of Matson’s talking points. He says that the number of reports about gunfire are down; however, the city is not where it wants to be just yet. He says through increased public-safety measures he hopes to see more police and fewer guns on the streets.

“People are getting arrested pretty quickly now. If you commit a crime … we are coming after you. We want you to stay out of jail and we want you to be alive. But if you do these things everything, we got is going to be used to take you off of the street. And you’re not going to be free,” Says Matson.

Matson says he hopes to see change through group-violence intervention, which is a strategy city officials say has led to fewer homicides and gun violence in communities like Boston and Cincinnati. He hopes to see fewer gun-related crimes. He also noted more Davenport police are on the streets, which he says has led to faster arrests.

“We have to focus on that public safety. Shots fired are down but were not where we want to be yet,” he said.

To watch the State of the City Address, click here.