‘We’ve never had shootings over here.’ Gunfire erupts in McClellan Heights, Davenport

Local News

A woman whose car was hit by gunfire while she was driving in Davenport shared her story with Local 4 News.

Around 11 a.m. Saturday, gunfire erupted in the McClellan Heights neighborhood in Davenport, according to witnesses and Davenport Police.

A resident of the area who shared her Nest footage with Local 4 News says she heard 18 gunshots.

One of those bullets hit a car driven by Davenport resident Amy Samford., who was running errands when her car was hit.

Initially, Samford thought it was a walnut, until she figured it out it was a bullet. She spoke with a police officer, who confirmed there were gunshots in the area.

“The police officer I had initially spoken to said he ended up finding a shell casing,” she said. Gunfire in the area, she said, “is very unheard of. We’ve never had shootings over here.”

Investigators confirmed with Local 4 News that one car was hit, along with a tree. There have been no arrests in this case so far, police said.

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