What are your New Year’s resolutions, Quad Cities?

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With 2022 just around the corner, Quad Citians’ thoughts might be drifting from holiday celebrations to making changes for the new year. But how do you do at keeping those resolutions?

According to a study by Discover Happy Habits, if you have trouble keeping your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. Here are the statistics:

  • Of those who make a New Year’s resolution, after 1 week 75% are still successful in keeping it.
  • After two weeks, the number drops to 71%.
  • After 1 month, the number drops again to 64%.
  • And after 6 months, 46% of people who make a resolution are still successful in keeping it.
  • In comparison, of those people who have similar goals but do not set a resolution, only 4% are still successful after 6 months.
  • According to a 2016 study, of the 41% of Americans who make New Years resolutions, by the end of the year only 9% feel they are successful in keeping them.
  • An earlier study in 2007 showed that 12% of people who set resolutions are successful even though 52% of the participants were confident of success at the beginning.
  • In one 2014 study, 35% of participants who failed their New Year’s Resolutions said they had unrealistic goals.
  • 33% of participants who failed didn’t keep track of their progress.
  • 23% forgot about their resolutions.
  • About one in 10 people who failed said they made too many resolutions.

What resolutions will you choose? According to the study:

  • In 2020, one of the most popular New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, chosen by 43% of Americans.
  • In 2019, one survey found that more than half of Americans wanted to be healthier: 59% wanted to exercise more, 54% said they would eat healthier and 48% resolved to lose weight.
  • Losing weight is more important to those who live in the Midwest than any other US region, while exercising is more important for those on the West Coast, compared to the rest of the U.S.
  • 31% of survey participants planned on making resolutions for 2021, while 19% were undecided.
  • The most popular resolutions for 2021 were exercising more and improving fitness (50% of participants), losing weight (48%), saving money (44%) and improving diet (39%).
  • Of those that made a resolution in 2020, 35% kept all their resolutions, 49% kept some of their resolutions, and only 16% failed at keeping any of their resolutions.

By the generations:

  • Baby boomers want to lose weight (53%) but place less importance on saving money (39%), compared to the younger generations.
  • Gen Z is 4x more concerned with finding love than any other age group.
  • Gen Z also wants to dress better and improve their style the most.
  • Millennials on the West Coast were the most concerned with getting a work promotion or raise in 2020.
  • Millennials are the most confident in keeping all their resolutions (39%).

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