What resources are available for local veterans in need

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For veterans in need, there are resources throughout the Quad Cities that could be life saving.

One of those options is Christian Care, which has six of their 42 beds reserved for veterans. Veterans can call the homeless shelter to see if any of those are available.

Veterans can get on a waiting list if there is no space.

There’s also help for veterans through the Quad City Veterans Outreach Center.

It opens it marketplace for veterans to pick up groceries and toiletries every Wednesday.

The center will work with veterans struggling with housing as well.

“If they’re having trouble making their rent payment or if they’re having trouble with their utilities, if we can’t directly help them, we walk it through with them to help them get to the resources than they can,” said Lola VanDeWalle, founder of the QC Veterans Outreach Center. “Our Quad Cities has such great veterans resources that you know it’s just getting to the right place for the right reason.”

VanDeWalle said she received plenty of calls after our story aired of Norman Poppe, the 84-year-old veteran evicted from his apartment in Davenport. She said people were asking her for ways to help Poppe.

“Hopefully this brings to light the subject of of this is happening and that it doesn’t have to,” she said. “That there are places like ourselves and different organizations that you can reach out to that this won’t happen. And if we can’t find the answer for you, we’re going to find a group that can get the answer for you. We’re going to walk you through it to make sure that you’re taken care of.”

You can find more information by reaching out to the QC Veterans Outreach Center. You can do the same with Christian Care.

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