The extreme weather conditions has made driving more difficult for some, whether that’s because of the snowy conditions or the icy roads.

The first thing you should do is call for roadside assistance. That could mean calling AAA or your local non-emergency police station.

It can be scary, but Molly Hart, a spokesperson for AAA – The Auto Club Group, said people should remain in their cars while they wait for help.

“The first thing you might think about doing is calling your mom or your dad or a friend to come help you, that we do not encourage that,” she said. “That would put them in danger, it could also put you in danger. We want the professionals to come help you.”

Keeping your gas tank full and phone charge is important because you never know when you may get stuck.

Also, she recommends keeping sand or cat litter in your vehicle. That can be put under the wheels if you get stuck on ice or frozen snow to help get some traction.