What’s at the bottom of West Lake?

Local News

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Water in the lakes at West Lake Park is almost gone.

People are flocking to the park to see what’s left behind.

A lot of the tires at the bottom are tied in groups that are supposed to create fish habitats.

Park goers say there’s a lot of trash in the mud too. We saw a mattress, lawn mowers and car parts.

Visitor Seth James said it’s a reminder to take care of natural resources.

“A lot of people I feel take it for granted. They just come and it’s just another body of water, you know,” James said. “To people who actually get to see it like this, I believe that it gives you more of a reason to appreciate it.”

The state and county started draining the lakes last month to clear out algae and rebuild the fish habitats. The plan is to reopen the lakes in the summer of 2021.

Here’s what some of our viewers are finding, as shared on the Local 4 News Facebook page:

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