What’s being done to help people who are homeless around the QCA?

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The story of an elderly veteran who found himself homeless resonated with many of you.

Norman Poppe received so much help from you after our first story aired on Monday.

That tremendous support for the 84-year-old left us asking what is being done to help other people who are homeless around here.

Local Four News went to one agency to see what it’s doing

“It’s tough to watch,” says Associate Director of Community Services for Bethany for Children and Families after watching the story about Norman Poppe’s homeless situation.

The heartbreaking story about the 84-year-old homeless veteran turned into hope after he received help from a generous viewer.

“I had no idea this would be a development like this, but I sure appreciate it,”says Poppe.

Poppe’s story has many wondering how to get help in a situation like his.

“One of the things we strive to do is here in the Quad Cities is to house as many people as possible,” says Cleaveland.

He says there are shelters, that have beds available, but not everyone wants to go to one.

Cleaveland says, “Sometimes you have to counsel them to avail themselves of the opportunity to be housed, Sometimes mental illness is a big issue, substance abuse is a big issue, and sometimes people just say no I rather stay outside.”

Cleaveland says there is a problem of homelessness in the QCA, and he says affordable housing opportunities play a big role in that.

“Scott County Housing Cluster is coming out with a short term vision, and also long term vision, and the long term is really trying to address affordable housing in the Quad Cities, the lack of,” he says.

He says twice a year the agency counts how many homeless people there are in the area, and how they are affected.

“HUD mandates that we go out and it’s called the point and time count, and so that’s coming up tomorrow morning, and we work with local police are very helpful and they can identify the spots where maybe people are out staying out in the rough so to speak, and they help us count those individuals. “

Although shelters are a temporary fix for the issue, Cleaveland says the goal is to close the overflow shelter by doing more outreach throughout the whole year. Including helping with security deposits, or first month rent

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