What’s that hole in the ground in Clinton?

Local News

The city of Clinton is upgrading one of their pumping stations to handle a larger sewage flow.

Jason Craft, Clinton city engineer, said this will be better for the river and the people.

“It’s things like that that people don’t know about that does affect the quality of life so hopefully once we get done with this project, we’ll have a lot less basement backups and a lot less discharge in to the river,” said Craft.

Some people in the area that passed by the hole in the ground had no idea what it was.

Penny Dryden has lived in the Clinton area her whole life and she didn’t know what it was. When she found out its purpose, she was glad.

“Well of course I feel good about that, who wouldn’t feel good about that?” she said. “It’s always better to put cleaner water back in to the river.”

The new system will also work to prevent flooding happening in people’s basements.

The $8 million project started in May and is projected to be finished by November 2020.

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