Wheatland woman with cancer donates mask-making materials

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Across the country and the world, health care providers are seeing a shortage of critical protective equipment.

That’s why people from all over… including here in the Quad Cities… are stepping up to answer the call.

Meet Tracy Parsons. She and her husband, Barry live in Wheatland. She says after seeing the need for equipment like masks in the Quad Cities… she knew she had to help.

“I’m really glad to give them to a cause that will be of such good use,” Parsons says. “I mean, they’ll immediately go to use to who needs them. Whoever needs them.”

Parsons is a former seamstress. She says she was recently diagnosed with cancer. So this donation means more to her.

Donations like the one from the Parsons family… are exactly what Lorrie Beaman and the people at the Freight House Farmers Market are asking for.

“It’s community helping our own community,” Beaman says. “We want to be able to lift up our healthcare workers.”

Shaun Taylor, Community Health Care Marketing & Recruiting Coordinator says, the global need for equipment is not lost on healthcare workers in this area.

“We don’t know when we’re going to reach the apex of this situation,” Taylor says. “Being able to look and know we have supplies waiting in the wings is huge.”

That’s where the Quad Cities steps in, as they do so often. Helping out whenever they can, however they can.

“If everybody can give the little bit they can, it’s going to be better for everyone involved,” Parsons said.

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