Where is a great place to live, work and play? The “QC, That’s Where,” according to new campaign

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Quad Cities Chamber president/CEO Paul Rumler, left, and Visit Quad Cities president/CEO Dave Herrell celebrated the launch of a new QC brand campaign at the Figge Art Museum Thursday morning,.

Visit Quad Cities and the Quad Cities Chamber on Thursday launched a bold new brand and multi-platform advertising campaign designed to generate awareness, attract talent, investment, visitation, and more community pride.

“QC, That’s Where!” is designed to put the region firmly on the map.  It confronts where QC is head-on with humor and facts that cut through the clutter and get the attention of potential visitors, investors, and residents, according to a Thursday release.

QC, That’s Where the Midwest meets the Mississippi River, where a family of communities is home to downtown riverfronts and down to earth, skilled people, home-grown startups and global headquarters.

“Driving a unified and all-encompassing brand messaging strategy that focuses on identity, perception, and position is vitally important to the Quad Cities future,” said Dave Herrell, President and CEO, Visit Quad Cities.  “On behalf of our Board of Directors and team, we are thrilled about the direction of the QC, That’s Where! campaign and how it will collectively move us forward as we compete for economic recovery and resurgence.  We are grateful for the collaboration and teamwork by many civic leaders and community stakeholders that have been involved with this process and initiative.”  

“QC, That’s Where! will drive the Chamber’s marketing efforts to grow the Quad Cities’ economy and population,” said Paul Rumler, President and CEO, Quad Cities Chamber.  “This brand will enable the Chamber and Visit Quad Cities to share a consistent message to businesses, visitors, residents, and potential newcomers about why QC is where they should be. QC, That’s Where! will leverage significant investments that are accelerating QC as a great place, including our downtowns and neighborhoods; schools, colleges and universities; cultural amenities; and many new and expanded businesses.  We’re thankful to the members of the brand leadership task force, along with our Board of Directors and investors, for helping guide this effort.”

Samples of some of the “QC, That’s Where” ads that are part of the new promotional campaign to boost jobs and population in the region.

Visit Quad Cities and the Quad Cities Chamber engaged the services of Resonance Consultancy, a leading advisor in tourism, place strategy and branding, economic and real estate development, to develop the QC Regional Brand.  The campaign was chosen following the development of a tourism master plan, extensive stakeholder engagement within the communities, and a robust economic development analysis that outlined the region’s challenges and opportunities.  From that research, Resonance tested three campaigns through local focus groups and online surveys to gather opinions on which campaign resonated for the region.

The chosen campaign answers the question “QC, That’s Where?” with an ever-changing variety of facts and feel-good aspects of the region.  Answers run the gamut from stats about the number of languages spoken at area schools or the number of beers on the QC Ale Trail to economic rankings, number of Fortune 500 companies, and regional housing affordability.

Examples include:

  • QC, That’s Where you’ll find the 3rd most diversified economy.
  • QC, That’s Where 150 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, including the mighty John Deere, call home.
  • QC, That’s Where the PGA TOUR comes to play.

The formula can even be changed around when it suits the point being made, e.g. Where’s a top 10 town for Millennials to live? QC, That’s Where!

Visit Quad Cities and Quad Cities Chamber have also launched a website for the new regional brand at QCThatsWhere.com.  The website is designed for various users, including those interested in opening a business here, visiting here, relocating here, and, of course, for those who are already Quad Citizens. 

Additionally, the website has a “Share the Love” section where local businesses, organizations and residents can access a toolkit along with brand guidelines to utilize the new QC Regional Brand themselves.  The toolkit includes logos, creative direction and sample messaging that can be integrated and customized easily.  There are also logos for each of the 18 cities and towns in the QC bi-state region.

Visit Quad Cities and Quad Cities Chamber have engaged residents and companies alike to provide their answers to the question QC, That’s Where? by asking them for more specific or personal thoughts about where QC is.  A section on the website “Quad Citizens Call Home” allows locals to share their own QC, That’s Where examples through an online form.  The two organizations will use these thoughts in future campaigns.

The multi-platform campaign starts with a focus on businesses considering relocations to the area; concurrently, Quad Citizens will be engaged with a launch.  QCThatsWhere.com and the hashtag #QCThatsWhere will be foundational to the campaign.

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