Whiteside County animal shelters take in 50 cats from one house

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Animals shelters in Rock Falls, Illinois quickly filled-up with some frightened felines.

During about six hours Monday, July 22, Happy Tails Humane Society and Whiteside Animal Control captured more than 50 cats and kittens from an area home.

It’s after a call for help from the homeowner.

Most of the rescued cats are currently at Happy Tails including five with or expecting a litter of kittens.

It nearly doubled the number of cats they had at the shelter.

The others are being housed at Animal Control’s shelter.

The directors of both organizations told Local 4 News Tuesday, it’s important to reach out to local animal control officials in situations like these not just because of the health of animals but humans.

The earlier the better.

Warming up to their new surroundings.

Director of Operations at Happy Tails Donald Czyzyk said, “I love cats, they’re just hilarious.”

It’s after several dozen found crowded in a Whiteside County house were rescued.

Czyzyk said, “Loaded up the van, the bus and James’s [director of animal control] truck.”

A case like many starting with good intentions.

Czyzyk said, “Somebody that was rescuing and it just got out of hand, and that’s the more common thing is people trying to rescue cats, do the right thing and can’t rehome them because rehoming cats is the hardest thing in the world.”

Director of Operations at Happy Tails Humane Society Donald Czyzyk said here the owner provided quality care to the cats for years including getting some of the cats fixed.

Czyzyk said, “The cats that we actually got out of this situation were very healthy. If anything ever was sick, she immediately took it to the vet.”

However, he said recently it became harder for the owner to manage.

Czyzyk said, “She had some health issues in the family and the cats kind of got away from her.”

It’s situations like these where the Whiteside County’s Animal Control Director James Garcia said they’re there to help, and people can reach out anonymously.

Whiteside County Animal Control Director James Garcia said, “Communication with the owner and building the trust and they open up and they’re able to let us help.”

As Animal Control and Happy Tails deal with these cases more frequently.

“Happy Tails itself is doing a hoarding case almost every other month now whereas ten years ago we didn’t even see one every year. It’s becoming more common and not necessarily hoarding. Like this case, I wouldn’t even call it hoarding,” said Czyzyk.

They point to their partnership in saving these animals.

Garcia said, “Instrumental in taking a lot of animals for us.”

Now it’s the next step.

Czyzyk said, “They will go up for adoption next week after they’re spayed and neutered, microchipped and it’s a pretty easy process.”

Heading off to a new home.

Garcia told Local 4 News he was heading back to the home on Tuesday, saying the owner contacted him after more of the cats came out from hiding.

Happy Tails said the main things they need right now are financial donations to cover medical costs and spaying and neutering procedures and cat litter.

Last week Local 4 News reported on an incident in Monmouth where more than 80 cats were found.

Tuesday, Moline Police posted on Facebook they took 15 cats from a house.

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