Why few people made it to the polls

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Voter turnout for the Davenport primary election Tuesday was underwhelming, but that means the possibility of a recount could be higher.

“A lower voter turn out usually tends to lend for a recount because people can be really close as we’ve seen,” said Roxanna Moritz, Scott County Auditor.

The Davenport mayoral race has the possibility of a recount after eight votes separate two of the candidates.

The candidates have until Friday at 5 p.m. to ask for a recount.

Some voters who cast their vote had specific issues that affected how they voted.

“Infrastructure, business development and then of course fire and police departments,” said Mike Sharp, Davenport voter.

While others didn’t even go out to the polls.

“I didn’t know about it up until like it was a bit too late and then I was like oh I didn’t even see anything about it, which was kind of odd,” said Shyesha Taylor, Davenport resident.

The Scott County auditor has to wait to see if there will be a recount before sending out absentee ballots for the general election on Nov. 5.

More information on how to get an absentee ballot can be found on their website.

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