Wigs helped Paula Thompson through her cancer journey. Now she’s donating her collection of over 40 wigs to Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities to help others get through their journeys with confidence and style.

Thompson, an executive assistant at UnityPoint Health® – Trinity, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020 and started treatments at Trinity Cancer Center. When she began losing her hair, she decided to cut it off. “Little did I know that my boyfriend had been shopping for wigs online. He surprised me with wigs of different shapes, lengths and colors,” says Thompson. Two years later, she’s happy to report there’s currently no cancer detected, so she’s donating her wigs to Gilda’s Club and hopes to share a sense of comfort and joy with other women in the Quad Cities who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. “I wanted to donate my wigs to help women overcome a tough obstacle in cancer diagnosis – losing their hair. Having control of what I wore day to day made a difference for me, gave me a sense of confidence and a reason to smile. I hope it does the same for other women now,” says Thompson.

Paula Thompson (photo: Matt Holderman)

“Donating a wig is an amazing way to support a breast cancer patient,” says Kelsey Allen, LMSW, LSW, Program Director at Gilda’s Club Quad Cities. “A wig is more than hair; it’s giving a woman self-assurance and hope during an emotionally challenging time in her life.”

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