Will remote learning days put an end to snow days? Local superintendents weigh in

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As school districts opt for online learning days as opposed to traditional snow days, the question of whether snow days will be a thing of the past is raised.

“We had this approved earlier this year with the board that we’d be able to impliment remote learning days when the weather isn’t too bad and we can still instruct students,” Rock Island Milan superintendent Reginald Lawrence said.

He said snow days aren’t going away, but they won’t happen as often.

“You’re going to always have that option there. For us though, we will only use snow days in extreme conditions,” he said.

The Sherrard School District also opted for an online learning day as opposed to cancelling classes, and superintendent Alan Boucher says they’ll have less days to make up later in the year.

“The students and staff will be able to work on concepts and ideas that they are currently studying. I think at the end of the year, no one is in the mood to learn. They are in the mood for summer vacation,” Boucher said.

Although most of the school districts in the QCA took classes from home today, Pleasant Valley cancelled school, which made for a traditional snow day.

“One of my favorite things about snow days is you get to build things like snowmen, igloos,” Isaac Dyer, a 5th grader in the district said.

Superintendent Brian Strusz safety factors are considered when canceling classes, like road conditions and harsh temps.

“If we see it is going to be a bad day, we’ll get up around 3:45 a.m. and we will go outside, drive the roads for about an hour, so we hit both the in town and the rural roads,” he said.

Each superintendent said it’s a collaborative effort between colleagues when deciding whether or not to cancel school. Making sure everyone has proper devices and technology at home, along with a strong enough internet connection, are also factors when deciding to have a remote learning day.

Strusz said he hopes the day off is a good one.

“With all the things our kids have had to face, with this snow day, they may enjoy being out in the snow one day versus doing all online learning,” he said.

So, no. Snow days are here to stay, but they won’t happen nearly as often as they did in the past.

Pleasant Valley plans to make up the current snow day on February 12.

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