It’s something most people have in their homes, but not everyone knows how to use them safely.

We’re talking about windows.

Last week was National Window Safety Week, and a leading window manufacturer has been trying to raise awareness by providing some safety tips.

On a yearly average, more than 35 children die from a fall out of a window, and dozens more are injured.

Back in January, a Rock Island 3-year-old died when she fell out of a second floor window.

Nicolle Picray, a spokesperson for Pella Corporation, offers safety tips to parents.

“Window screens are for keeping bugs out — not keeping children in,” said Picray. “So, as you talk to your children about the amount of force or weight that a screen can withstand, consider letting your child know they are too heavy to lean on that screen.”

Pella also wanted to emphasize parents should keep furniture away from windows that are on the second floor or higher.