Navigating winter weather to deliver pizzas safely

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Winter conditions usually cause a lot of people to order food delivered instead of leaving the house.
One of the most popular meals to get delivered is pizza.

Delivery drivers from Happy Joe’s in Davenport say the last winter storm made deliveries difficult.

“Last time this happened, one of our delivery drivers actually had to get out of their cars and walk a couple of blocks, so they have to avoid streets that might get them stuck,” said Austin Sneed, Happy Joe’s Shift Coach.

They say delivery times may be long with many people choosing to stay home.

“Delivery times will increase depending on how busy we are. It might increase from 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. We will have about three delivery drivers here,” said Sneed.

Nick Behnken is a delivery driver at Pizza and Subs in Rock Island and says that during winter, he tries to be as safe as possible on the road.

“You have to take more precautions than normal, like you always want to have a full gas tank or just make sure you have new tires,” said Beknken,

For Pizza and Subs owner Lisa Hoskins safety comes first for her staff.

“Usually that’s when everyone wants deliveries and we try to keep our staff safe so we send our drivers out until they feel uncomfortable with the conditions we leave it up to them,” said Hoskins.

She’s glad that her customers are understanding.

“We always try our best for that when it is snowy conditions. We usually can’t guarantee times but our customers are great. You know, I think people are just happy to be able to not have to go out and get dinner,” said Hoskins.

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