Winter roads flip cars: ‘You can go right on around the clock if you want,’ tow truck driver says

Local News

The effect of last week’s snowstorm are still being addressed around the Quad-cities. Our Local 4 News crew has been covering the rollovers and other accidents caused by the ice and sleet.

Road conditions have been rough at times, even as city crews have been working around the clock.

Among the people who go unnoticed during inclement weather are tow truck drivers – but they are everywhere.

“It’s endless. You can go right on around the clock if you want,” said Bruce Goacher, owner of Goacher Towing. He has operated the tow truck business for more than 40 years.

With the recent winter storms, he has been running all over the Quad-Cities to respond to calls.

“The phone rings probably every half hour,” he said. “We get seven or eight or 10 calls, which I can’t do all of them, but I get as many as I can and I never stop.”

Because of the snow and ice storms over the past couple of weeks, there were many crashes and multiple cars flipped over. Local 4 News responded to six rollovers in that time span.

Goacher says it can be tricky trying to get vehicles flipped back over.

“Some are harder than others,” he said. “Some come back over real easy. It all depends where the car is at, how far down it is, if it’s in a ditch, up on the middle of the road or wherever, but generally they gotta come back over.”

Goacher is seeing more rollover accidents than in previous winters. His advice to people? Slow down. And while it’s really busy throughout the year, he responds to the most calls around this time when the weather is below freezing.

“Business is best when it’s 30 below zero when the cars aren’t starting,” he said. “That’s the thing. My car won’t run, then you tow them and get them into a shop. Diesel’s gel up and cars won’t start and that’s when it’s really hectic.”

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